Hi! I’m Natalie

Welcome to my website NattyTravels.

I am a solo female free-spirited traveller from the UK in my 40s, travelling to one country at a time whilst discovering places in the UK in-between.

Why did I start travelling?

I started travelling after a series of challenging events in my late 30’s which had caused me to re-evaluate my life at 38 years old, only to find that everything I had been working towards wasn’t really what I had wanted, but fitted rather nicely with the expectations of society. Sure, I had the means to rent ( not buy) a lovely two-bedroom apartment in a highrise, which I referred to as my penthouse; a nice car; a bachelor’s degree; and a diploma in the healthcare sector, along with a nice title job as “A Clinical Support Worker.” It all sounds really nice, doesn’t it? But what did it matter? Because in spite of accomplishing all of this, it would be diminished within seconds when people learned I was almost 40, childless, not married, and single. as if these were the only things that defined or valued me as a woman or even a human being.

A re-evaluation of my life.

My self-evaluation came after being diagnosed with depression  I discovered I had made most of my choices based on the expectations of society.

An adventure to find out who I really am

Through travel and self-discovery, I’m figuring out who I am and what I really want by using my own emotions as guidance rather than the opinions and beliefs of others, whilst discovering beautiful places and being educated by them.

What to expect from the blog

I enjoy discovering and sharing off-the-beaten-path locations, so I will be sharing information such as tips and advice. Along with pictures and videos, of course, the experiences.