Hi! I’m Natalie

Welcome to my website NattyTravels.

Recently I’ve been travelling solo although, not as well travelled as others yet. I’m hoping to travel to as many places as possible and blog as it happens.

Here you can expect to find travel blogs, pictures, videos, stories, experiences, tips and travel advice.

* I have dyslexia, so I will try my best to make things make sense*

I created this blog in August 2019 to inspire people to travel, particularly women. There have been several, many in fact, men who travel solo. Their inspirational, courageous, determined, ambitious and I’m always impressed by each of their stories. But it is noticeable just how few women attempt this. Why? Well, there could be a number of different reasons. Albeit, I think ultimately women are more apprehensive due to the potential risks. In the past I also had a similar mindset, Only travelling if I had a partner or friends to travel with. Over the years I grew tired of having to depend on others.

My conclusion was, it was nobody’s priority to fulfil my dream to travel, why should It be? People have their own priorities and lives. It was my dream, and I was responsible for making it happen.

But the thought of travelling alone was terrifying!

In 2018, facing my fears I booked my first solo trip! It was by far the best thing I ever did!

The discussion of the upcoming trip was often met by Your going alone? Are you not scared? Are you sure this is a good idea? I couldn’t help but wonder, had I been a man would it have been such a big deal! Very few would tell me I was brave and some would say they wished they had the courage to do the same. Well, I’m here to encourage these people they can do it too. I also want to challenge peoples perspective of travel, help them to understand the obstacles, how to overcome them Whilst also inspiring people to travel more. “We are here for a good time! Not a long time”.

Happy travels!