Greater Manchester:The beautiful Dovestones

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You may recall that I wrote about Dovestone Reservoir earlier this year.

Since I didn’t have many pictures to offer in the other blog, I thought I’d share more pictures on how breathtakingly gorgeous this place is now that I’ve been on numerous occasions.

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I’m constantly in awe of this place because there are so many various circular pathways, and every time I come here, I discover something new.

One of the greatest attractions, the trinniacle (a stack of rock formations), has eluded me up until now; however, my sister and her husband recently found it, and my sister has promised to accompany me there, which I’m super excited about. Additionally, there are a few locations I have yet to visit that I have found on Instagram.

There are magical hidden waterfalls everywhere, and it’s like the gift that just keeps giving.

Also, I finally hiked right up to the top of Chew Valley. It was the first time on top, and I walked across the moorland there. The views of Dovestone Reservoir were stunning. 

If you want to learn more about the history of Dovestones, click here. Thinking about visiting? You can check out my last blog, where you can find details of how to get here.

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14 thoughts on “Greater Manchester:The beautiful Dovestones

  1. I have not heard of the Dovestone Reservoir, but nevertheless, it is STUNNING! Each photo looks like something out of a painting! Incredible sublime views, and the backdrop reminds me vaguely of the US Pacific Northwest. You’ve definitely made me fall in love with Dovestone, and I’m adding this to my bucket list for the UK stat!

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    • So glad you liked this Rebecca! It’s one of my favourite places to visit near my hometown. And thank you for the lovely comments on the photos! I’ve been working on my photography skills. 😁

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  2. Well, here’s another place for our spiralling-out-of-control UK to-do list. Next time, gadget. Great shots Natty, I agree with Rebecca that there is a painting-like quality to some of these images.

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    • I, too, have an out-of-control UK To-Do List. At least it will keep us busy. Thank you for the compliment on the photos. I have been practising photography in some beautiful places that make me look like a great photographer ha ha.

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  3. These are really good images and photos, that Greater Reservoir place is so stunning and beautiful, it the ideal place to visit during the summer. Just WOW👏🔥🔥🔥

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    • Ah, thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the photos, and yes, it’s a great place to visit for the summer. It’s so mesmerising. I appreciate your visit.

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