Manchester,England: The world’s first industrial city, and more interesting facts

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Hi all! Welcome back to my blog. I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.

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In this blog, I would like to introduce Manchester, my home city. Have any of you ever visited? If so, what did you think? Be sure to leave your comments.


Manchester is one of UK’s most popular cities. It is located in the north West of England and is the fifth largest city in the UK.

Here are a few of my favourite facts about Manchester

The World’s First Industrial City

It was the world’s first industrial city which led the way to transforming people’s lives in the area and across the world.

Due to it’s astounding growth of the cotton industry in the early 19th century it became a major global centre for trading and manufacturing. Textiles was the driving force, but it soon emerged to producing all kinds of products.

Manchester’s Symbol ‘The Worker Bee’

The Bee was adopted from the period when the city first became the global centre and leader in the Industrial Revolution. At the time it had been described as being like a hive for activity due to it’s hard working population, this was the motif behind it. Since this time, the Bee symbol has been the feature of the city and you’ll be sure to spot several symbols in and around the city .

Britain’s first ever black professor worked at Manchester University

Manchester University

Sir W. Arthur Lewis became Britain’s first ever black professor at aged 33, he was a Saint Lucian economist who come to work at Manchester University in 1948. Not only was he a professor, but a Noble prizewinner who was able to persuade and negotiate with world leaders.

He helped post- war Afro-Caribbean people arriving and settling in the areas of Hulme and Moss Side by creating centres of support for them. These centres supported people for socialising and learning at the height of racism and prejudice views. One of the centres still exists today in the moss side area. Sir Arthur wasn’t a Mancunian born, but he will be forever in the heart of manchester for his work and courage, and is commemorated at Manchester University with a building named after him.

The Suffragette Movement was founded here

Emmeline Prankhurst founded the Women’s Social and Political Union, known as the Suffragettes Movement in 1903. Emmeline a local Women from Manchester and her members fought to enfranchise women here in the UK, using militant strategies. In 1918 women were given limited rights to vote, and full voting rights in 1928 just before the passing of Emmeline Pankhurst.

One of the first cities in the world to celebrate and commemorate LGBT

Manchester was one of the first cities in the world to commemorate LGBT people by commissioning a local artist to paint the city with rainbow tiles in to flagstones across the city. Manchester Pride is one of the UK’ s leading charities celebrating LGBT and helping individuals to thrive as well as fighting for equality. It has held one of the worlds leading pride festivals since 1985 every year which is centred around the vibrant gay village.

The place where Charles Rolls and Henry Royce first ever met

It was at Manchester’s Midland Hotel where Rolls and Royce first met, and just two years later the pair formed the Rolls Royce company. There is a statue at the hotel dedicated to this meeting.

Hope you enjoyed my blog today. Which was your favourite fact? Do you have a favourite you know of that is not listed here?

I appreciate your visit today

Have a fantastic week

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26 thoughts on “Manchester,England: The world’s first industrial city, and more interesting facts

  1. All of these are great facts, and I had no idea about them! Points such as Rolls-Royce, LGBTQ, and the suffrage and first black professor really goes to show that not only is Manchester a hard-working, industrial city, but also a very-progressive one! Hope to visit the city someday. πŸ™‚

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  2. Some really great spots here Natty and very useful as we are considering making several trips to Manchester in April from Tean on our free days.

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    • Thank you Leighton! I hope you enjoy your trips here in April…There’s so much to do and see here! I’ve been exploring here alot more lately and hadn’t realised just how much I have not yet seen.

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  3. Manchester has a rich history from industrialization to social progress. I haven’t visited. England is country I need to see more of and would love to put Manchester on the itinerary..

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    • Ahh thank you! Probably sound a bit bias here, but I agree 🀣. It’s a great little city to be from. So full of life and character. Thank you always πŸ™πŸΎ


  4. This is really interesting, I had no idea Manchester was the first industrial city, clikey!! A bit of retail therapy in Manchester is always a nice treat!! 😊

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  5. Im a salfordian next door city to manchester,Manchester had the world’s first railway station and also the world’s first canal and the atom was first split at manchester University as well as DNA first being developed at the University love manchester the 1st in the world for quite a few things

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    • Thank you for bringing this information to my attention and adding a great addition to the comments. Ah, your from Salford I’ve been visiting little areas around Salford and am hoping to add a blog on Salford soon. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Have a lovely rest of the week.

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