Birmingham UK: A bunch of places I come across in this city

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Hi everyone, I hope your all well. It’s been a while since I last wrote on here as I have had a few life changes (All positive)and have needed a bit of space to adjust to them. I will hopefully be able to share this in another blog at some point soon.

Anyway, I have decided to wrap this Birmingham series up with a few places I come across whilst on my trip here.

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Grand Central

Grand Central is an amazing looking shopping centre above New Street railway station that opened in 2015. It is joint with the bullring shopping centre, making it a great place to shop and dine. However, the best thing about it for me was the architecture which is just incredible.

Birmingham’s last surviving court of back to back houses

These houses have been preserved and are the only example left in Birmingham of the thousands of past back to back houses that were built in Britain’s growing industrial area’s. These types of houses had shared courtyards and were considered a health hazard under the Public Health Act 1875 due to overcrowded living. These houses have now been transformed into a museum, where members of the public can now visit and learn about early life in the 19th century of the working classes, visit here for more information. Candies is located on the corner of the back to backs, a 1950s sweet shop where you can experience the old style sweets.

The largest public library in the UK

Not only is this the largest public library in the UK, it is one of the most impressive and unique buildings. It cost over £188.£ million and was part of one of the projects for the city’s redevelopment. It is situated in Centenary Square, a beautiful area in the centre of Birmingham.

Centenary Square

Centenary Square is a nice atmospheric public space In fact, I stopped here to have a lunch break and to do some people watching.

The square was planned out to tribute to the newly built international convention Centre. There is a fountain, several surrounding sculptures and the library amphitheatre. The square is used to hold the cities major events such as the Christmas markets and festivals etc.

Chinese Quarter

The city has a Chinatown, is a cool area with Chinese architectural features. It began to be recognised/known as Chinatown after a number of Chinese Cantonese restaurants and businesses in the 1980s. Its quite an exciting area to walk around, I particularly loved the little supermarkets.

The Arcadian

The arcadian is of unique architecture and is surrounded by glamorous bars and restaurants. Whilst I walked around here I couldn’t help but imagine this was one of the cities social hotspots that would hold a nice unique vibe. Empty as I passed by as it was still morning, however on the way back through later on in the afternoon this place was bustling with people dining outside.


Digbeth is a former industrial area full of creative art work and a stones throw from Birmingham City centre. To be honest, I didn’t really get to explore this area much as I only had 30 – minutes until my coach departure. Most of my time here was spent admiring the incredible art and the quirkiness of this neighbourhood. It has been named the ‘Coolest Neighbourhood’ in Britain by the Sunday Times and I had really wanted to visit, but unfortunately lost track of time. It is home to Custard Factory which has been turned into a unique shopping centre, independent shops and art events etc. I will most definitely be visiting again to explore this exciting area. If you visit Birmingham do try to visit this area, it’s only a 10 minute walk from the cicity centre and offers a very unique experience.

I hope you have enjoyed my Birmingham series. I was only here for half a day and during the time when most places were closed due to covid-19. I’m sure Birmingham has a lot more to offer and hopefully I be able to visit again soon to get an even better insight of the city to share.

Many thanks for reading

Stay blessed 🙏🏾

Natalie x

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