Birmingham uk: A stroll down Gas Street Basin

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It’s weird to think that before April of this year I had never even considered visiting Birmingham before. Like many others, I always thought of Birmingham as being an industrial city that I wasn’t really bothered about visiting. Also I’m a little ashamed to admit, I didn’t even know it was the second largest city in England either🙈. I think it’s fair to say, like many others I also underrated this city.

Nevertheless, it was a case of escaping to anywhere. My city had been on lockdown for six months, and overseas travel was restricted well, forbidden for anyone who was not leaving for buisness. When I seen that I could get here on a £1.80 return ticket with National express I seized the opportunity to visit.

unfortunately I visited two days after lockdown so many things were still closed, but I still managed to find things to share with you.

The Mail Box

My first stop was the Mail box a shopping centre which used to be the royal mails largest sorting office in the country. It has now been transformed into a stylish place for entertainment such as an overnight stay , shopping, dining, pampering or to go and see a film. Not only this, but it also features a rooftop canal side that bings you out onto the canal.

Once you cross over the bridge, which the padlock people have began to padlock, you can walk along the canal and arrive at Gas Street Basin.

Gas Streer Basin

Gas Street Basin is a canal basin that connects the Birmingham and Worcester canals with the BCN Line. Gas Street basin is lined with trendy pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés, and where the narrow boats and barges are moored. Its definitely a case of old meets new where its old industrial past is embedded in its new cosmopolitan living.

If you decide to visit Birmingham do give Gas Street Basin a visit. It’s one of the most fundamental features in Birmingham, especially since it was once the nation’s central of the waterway networks, and today now one of the most charming parts of the city.

The Waterbus

Although there’s the option to take a stroll down the canal like myself, there is an option to take a waterbus.

The water bus runs every 30mins between 10.30 and 5pm and stops at most of the waterside locations such as Brindley Place, Sherborne Wharf, Gas Street Basin, King Edwards Wharf and the mailbox. It cost £4 for a 30 minute round trip or £1 per stop.

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